How do I do it? And other questions.

How do I do it?

I use what’s called “distance healing” using the AMN Calibration Method which allows me to reconnect the communication systems of the body and clear out the ‘white noise’. When your body’s communication lines open up, you’ll find that your brain makes connections and finds clarity in ways it wasn’t able to before, and knows what to do to heal yourself from the inside-out.

The results you’ll notice:

· You’ll feel better

· More energized

· More grounded and calm

· More focused, like you’re operating at a higher frequency

· Your pain will decrease as your system starts calming down

I’ve spent years learning about the brain, the nervous system and bioelectricity and how it all works together. And now I’ve finally put it all together in a package to help people like you.

You’ve Got Questions? I’ve got answers!

Why would this help me when nothing else has?

My programme is based on the AMN Calibration method, which allows me to ask your brain what’s holding you back and then sort out the faulty wiring that’s causing the problem. Your brain knows what’s wrong. It just often fails at communicating it in a way that we can understand. I have spent years learning this communication, and how to apply my knowledge to help others.

How can you help me without actually touching me?

Your energy will be my guide. I can tap into your energy field just as well through a video as I can in person. If you want to read more about how energy healing works, you can check out this link here or this one here .

I also always ask for permission from your body before doing anything.

Are you absolutely sure you can help me?

I’m certain I can help you relax, open up the communication in your body and facilitate your body’s innate healing process. The healing will begin during our work together but it will also continue well past that.

How the healing process continues or how it shows up for you varies. Some people get relief from a single session, for others it takes a bit longer to feel the benefits.

Do I have to believe that treatments through energy actually work? I’m a bit sceptic.

No. You do not have to believe that the treatments will work as it’s not based on placebo or suggestion.

All you need is an open mind.

What if I have more than one pain complaint?

Often different pain complaints are linked to each other and you will notice the pain of the other one diminishing as well even though we’re not directly working on it.

I can also check from your body which of the pain complaints is the priority for healing.

When and how are the sessions held?

Single sessions can be booked directly from my online calendar. To buy a package, you need to contact me and I’ll send you an invoice. After you’ve paid, you’ll get a link to a separate online calendar to book your sessions.

All sessions will be held via Zoom, so you can attend them anywhere. No need to travel or, well, leave the house.

Why should I buy a package?

The effects of single sessions are often short-lived. If you’ve been in pain for a long time, or if you’ve had your problem for a long time, one single session is not going to make it all go away.

A package will also get you to take your self-care more seriously!

What happens during a session?

About 30-35 minutes are used purely for the facilitation of your healing process. I usually don’t talk much during this time as I want to concentrate on listening to your body and helping it heal. You can use this time to just relax and listen to your body.

At the end of the session I’ll tell you what I’ve found and what your body thought important to bring up. We’ll also talk about what you felt during the session and what happens next.

I have a question that wasn’t answered.

No problem! You can email me at and I’ll be happy to answer any other questions you have!


The process is extremely interesting to go through and Alex is so supportive to the pace and understanding to what may come up. I felt extremely safe and accepted.

Charlotte Watson

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