I’m here to help you.

Hey there,

I can see you sneaking in, peeking from behind the curtain and trying to figure out what’s what and who the heck I am. And that’s ok. Please do come in!

You’re probably wondering what this is all about.

Well, this is all about you.

Hi, I’m Alex Karjalainen and I help people like you to get out of pain and back to living your life.

I got into the world of health and well-being quite late. It all started at a gym, trying to battle my own movement restrictions and pains. I started to study the human body and boy did I not know what I was in for!

While studying osteopathy, I came across The AMN Calibrate Method. I never knew how much that would change my life and, most importantly, my view of what’s possible.

I took the leap of faith into the world of AMN and I’m still blown away by the results I’m getting with both myself and my clients.

Fun bits about me.

  • Human design: manifesting generator with sacral authority

  • Personality type: INFP-A / Mediator

  • Enneagram: 9 (The Peacemaker)

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